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"This store is the greatest ever."  Brycen, 13


"I love this store!"  Devin, 14


"This store is awesome!"  Adam, 13


"Miner's has the best selection of educational and unique toys.I can always find the perfect gift."  Hanna


"Miner's Toy Store is a MUST STOP while in Ocean Springs."  Ariel Taylor


"This is the only GREAT TOY STORE that I know.  Please come and see it!"  Susie


"This is such a great store with so many fun things.  I could stay all day!"  Louise


"Our son moved to Jacksonville, FL.  When he comes back to visit, it is a must to come to the toy store for his daughters!"  Suzanne Lamy


"Miner's Toy Store appreciates the importance of play and the role that good toy's  "play"! They are way ahead of anyone else!  Truly the best toy store of all!"  Sara Jackson Ed.D., Director, Toy Library and Technology Center


" favorite store for 'kids' from one to ninety-two!"  Liesa Remey


"I was worried about finding gifts for my 2yr old and 5yr old nephews but I knew Miner's would would hook me up and they did!  Thanks a million!!"


"I want to go to Miner's because I like their toys."  Isabella


"If you buy just one gift, buy it from Miner's"  S. Cameron


"You all are awesome!  Thanks."  S. Jenkins